Friday, January 28, 2011

Should I even watch the Super Bowl?

As a Ravens fan, I do not want to see the Steelers win the Super Bowl.

As a Bears fan (yes, they are my back up team, I was born just outside of Chicago), I do not want to see the Packers win the Super Bowl.

But if I had to pick, I want the Packers to win the Super Bowl. I am more of a Ravens fan, and living in Baltimore, there are way too many Steelers fans that I see on a daily basis, driving around, walking around, showing off their stupid "Terrible Towels" and requesting that annoying "Black and Yellow" rap song at every club. I made the mistake last weekend of going to Pittsburgh. My girlfriend wanted to visit some college friends. Her college friends are all Steelers fans, minus the lone Ravens fan. It took a lot of strength to hold back and not flip out. I hate the Steelers. I also hate the Packers. I am somewhat biased though. Aaron Rodgers was my fantasy quarterback this past season. He did quite well for me.

On that note though, I would love to see this game go into multiple overtimes unless they call it a draw and no one wins the Super Bowl this year. But that most likely isn't going to happen. But I can still hope.

As far as my actual, unbiased prediction... I would have to break it down like this. Both teams have great defenses, and everyone knows the old saying, "Defense wins championships". So when both teams have a good defense, I guess it's time to look at the offenses. Well, its pretty obvious that the Packers have the better offense. I know a lot of people will say that the Packers don't have a running game, and that may be true. But even if they did have a running game, it's not like you can run on the Steelers anyway. I have to give the edge to the Packers when it comes to the offense.

But to me, the determining factor is going to be some untangiables. For instance, the Steelers have been here before. They have won a couple of Super Bowls recently. They have the experience. Their players know the routine. They are that veteran team that can keep their composure.

The Packers on the other hand are a young, energetic team. They don't have many players who have been on this big of a stage before. However, this is where I feel like the Packers will actually have the advantage. These young guys, mainly on their defense, won't be as worn down as some of the older players on the Steelers. I feel that the Packers defense will be able to virtually shut down the Steelers offense. I don't think that the Steelers defense will be able to do the same to the Packers. If I look at last weekends' games, the Packers got off to a hot start against the Bears, and I feel that they will be able to do the same at the Super Bowl. In the Steelers game, they let the Jets back into the game at the end and the Jets had a chance to pull it off. I know the Bears came back on the Packers a little bit down the stretch, but I felt that the Packers seemed more comfortable and more poised, especially since the Packers were on the road.

But we'll see. Maybe I'm still just hoping that the Steelers lose. I went to the Ravens/Steelers game in Baltimore this year. I'm still upset with that loss. And I'm still upset with the loss in the playoffs. I think I hate Pittsburgh. When I was up there visiting... It was just so damn cold. And my girlfriend's friends were just too obnoxious. I hate the color yellow. But I hate "Black and Yellow" more than green and yellow.

I'm going with the Packers, 31-23.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Long Absence

It's been an extremely long time since the last time that I posted, but I am thinking about posting some more now that I have some down time at work and may want to just get some of my ideas out there. I know that no one really reads this, but I figured I would at least entertain myself by posting.

Now that the Ravens season is over and I have had some time to cool down, I think I am going to come back here in a couple of days to recap the season and possibly talk about the Super Bowl, if I can stomach that... we'll see.

Until then, this is all for now.