Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First post and NFL Power Rankings

So here is #1. My first post here on my blog. I have to do this for a class that I am currently enrolled in at Towson University, but I am going to take this thing and run with it. This blog is going to focus mainly on NFL football, with a large focus on the Baltimore Ravens. For those of you that know me, I am going to have to throw in a good amount of information on the Chicago Bears as well, since I was born just outside of the Windy City.

WELL... Let's get into in and stop wasting time.

The Ravens are off to a hot start, with ESPN ranking them as #1 in their power rankings. CBS has the Ravens as #5, and Fox Sports somehow has the Ravens all the way down at #10. I need some thoughts on what people think here. Should we be #1, #5, or even #10? And what would you rather be, the #1 team with a target on our backs, or the #10 team as the underdog?

Then again... how much can we put on the week 2 power rankings, as the NFL season is a long and grueling 5 months?

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