Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Fantasy Football Teams: Wrap-up for Week 9

So after starting this new segment, I actually had a decent week in fantasy this week... except for my forgotten team, which we will get to. But first, for the more positive teams this week.

As I told you last week, I was tied with a number of teams for first place with my team OherTheSteelers ToWinTheNorth. I was able to pull out another victory in this league to improve to 6-3 and remain tied with only one other team for first place. The final in the fantasy battle was 89-73, where I had a balanced attack with Matt Schaub scoring 16, and Ryan Grant and the Falcons defense both adding 15, easily overcoming Aaron Rodgers, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Cedric Benson, who scored 59 of my opponents 73 points this week.

My team Ed Reediculous was able to pull out a victory as well to improve my record to 3-6, hanging on to any slim hopes of this team making the playoffs. This was a rather convincing victory as I won with a final score of 89.5-59. Tom Brady put up 23.5 for me, Laurence Maroney and the Falcons defense each put up 14, and John Carney, my kicker, even added 12 for me to easily overcome Phillip Rivers and his 23 points, as only Andre Johnson was able to reach double figures with 10 for my opponent.

Now for my best team, Ray Rice-A-Roni, where I now sit in first place by myself with a 7-2 record as I was able to defeat my opponent 95.14-85.73, a match-up that came down to Monday night as I took on the team that was tied with me going in. I had to give my thanks this week to Aaron Rodgers, as he put up 24.24, the Steelers defense, as they put up 21, and Ryan Grant, who put up 15.6. My opponent has a balanced attack with Joseph Addai putting up 23.2, Peyton Manning putting up 15.92, and Broncos defense putting up 13. However, it wasn't enough, as I pulled it out. Things are looking good for me in this league.

However, things are not looking good for me in this next league, where my team Big Heads Beer Belly fell to 0-9, pretty much making sure that I finish in last. Once again, it wasn't really close, as I lost 88.12-72.12. I guess it's a sign when my defense, the Steelers, put up the most points with 21. Matt Schaub did have 12.32, and Matt Forte added 10.7, but no one else really gave much of an effort as Aaron Rodgers' 22.92 along with Steve Breaston's 15.1 led a large of enough charge to put me away for my ninth straight loss.

However, I did go 3-1 on the weekend, putting up decent points in every league, but not really blowing anyone out of the water. But as long as I did enough to get by, I am satisfied with my teams this week. We'll see what next week brings to me.

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