Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Fantasy Football Teams

Every Tuesday for now on, I am going to add a new weekly segment on how I faired in Fantasy Football. I'll give a quick update on how I have done thus far, and recap this past week's performance by my teams.

I am in four leagues right now, and I am all over the place with these teams. In no particular order, these are my team names along with my record and what place I am in:

• Ed Reediculous- 2-6, and in 12th place, out of 12 teams

• OherTheSteelers ToWinTheNorth- 5-3, tied for 1st place, but in 4th place because of point total, out of 10 teams

• Big Heads Beer Belly- 0-8, obviously in 10th place, out of 10 teams... pretty embarrassing, I know

• Ray Rice-A-Roni- 6-2, tied for 1st place, but in 2nd place because of point total, out of 10 teams

So like I said, I am either doing quite well, or I am embarrassing myself by putting my teams out there. Let's take a look at what just happened to me this past week.

Ed Reediculous was up all weekend until the Monday night game rolled around, where I had the Saints kicker John Carney left to play, but my opponent had a few players left, including Drew Brees, Pierre Thomas, and Jason Elam. Needless to say, Brees and Thomas decided to put up some decent numbers, giving my second straight defeat in this league with a final score of 79.5-62.5. LaDainian Tomlinson and LeSean McCoy both had decent days for me, scoring 17 and 15 respectably, but when Brees put up 24.5 and Thomas put up 19, I didn't have much of a chance with the rest of my team deciding to not show up.

OherTheSteelers ToWinTheNorth gave me a much better result as I was able to pull off a Monday night come from behind victory to secure a 90-85 victory as Marques Colston put up 14 points for me. This was my second straight victory in the league, which was helped out a lot by Matt Forte, who put up 24 points for me, which is his best fantasy week this season, and makes my first round pick of him look much better now. Forte's big day was enough to hold off my opponent's big day put in by Steven Jackson's 21, as well as Phillip Rivers and Matt Stover each adding 13.

Big Heads Beer Belly has been a disappointment for me all season long, and this week was no different. My team doesn't look bad on paper, but week in and week out, my players just do not show up for me. I was handed my 8th straight loss this week by a final score of 101.48-69.66. Most of my scoring came from two players, Tomlinson and Forte, who scored combined 41.7 of my team's points. It is getting a little ridiculous now. My opponent could have beaten me with just a few of his players, led my Chris Johnson who had a break out day with 35.9 points by himself. Vincent Jackson added 16.3 for him, and Miles Austin and Matt Stover also both added 13 points. It looks like the number one pick next year is mine for the taking.

But now for my best team, Ray Rice-A-Roni. I was able to put up solid numbers this week in this league thanks to solid contributions by every player on my team, led by Roddy White's 16.8, LeSean McCoy's 15.2, and Matt Ryan's 13.46. The final score that helped me break by two losing streak was 89.96-61.98. It was an easy victory against the last place team in this league, whose best contribution came from Percy Harvin's 14.6 and the Titans' defense 14. Besides these to point totals, he didn't have a whole lot of promise.

I hope the first installment of my fantasy football recap has been entertaining, and I hope to be able to have some better results in the future. Trust me; I hate to lose, so putting a few last place teams together is not making me very happy.

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