Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Fantasy Football Teams: Wrap-up For Week 10

Believe it or not, if you have been paying attention to my fantasy football wrap-ups, I have finally won a game in my one league! Thanks to my friend Ian for putting together a dismal performance this week. It was actually quite impressive as I put up 111.46 points, bringing my wonderful team Big Heads Beer Belly to a respectable 1-9 record. I was led this week a host of players, including LaDainian Tomlinson's 21.6 points, Sidney Rice's 20.1 points, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh's 16.5 points, just to name a few. Peyton Manning's 28.54 and Jonathan Stewart's 20.2 just wasn't quite enough as my opponent only put up 80.84 points. That's enough excitement for a 1-9 team.

Now for my team Ray-Rice-A-Roni, the league where I was in first place. I was unfortunately bumped off of my high horse, as I lost 108.62-94.96. Sidney Rice and Aaron Rodgers combined for nearly 40 points, but it wasn't quite enough as Chris Johnson blew up with 35.2 points and Brandon Marshall added 26.3 to give my opponent a much-needed victory. I am still tied for first place, but with two other teams. We'll see if my line-up can show up for me this week.

Now for my embarrassing match up of the week. My team OherTheSteelers ToWinTheNorth, I got extremely blown out by a score of 113-51, but it wasn't my entire fault. I mean, what was I supposed to do when Kurt Warner, Adrian Peterson and Reggie Wayne all go for over 20 fantasy points each? But at the same time, my team really pissed the bed. Matt Forte gave me 16 points, and the Vikings defense added 10. Besides that, no one else broke double figures. But hey, let's look on the bright side; I'm tied for second place with a 6-4 record, but in a very tight league. It'll be interesting coming down the stretch in this one.

And for my final league with my team Ed Reediculous. I had a tough loss in this league, which may or may not have knocked me out of the playoff contention for good in this league, sending me to 3-7. I lost this match up by a score of 97-90. Tom Brady gave me 33, L.T. gave me 21, and T.J. 16, but it wasn't enough as Rodgers added 25 points, Frank Gore 18 points, and the 49ers defense 17 points for my opponent. It came down to the wire; I just didn't have enough fire power in the end.

So I still have hope in two of my leagues, as I sit toward the top of the standings, but I have all but been eliminated from the playoffs for good in my other two leagues. It'll be interesting to see how I fair in the coming weeks, but let's hope I can be updating this section of my blog until the end of the season.

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