Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some People Just Aren't Team Players

If it's not Terrell Owens on the 49ers, it's Terrell Owens on the Eagles, or the Cowboys, or even on the Bills. But what do you know? Now it's Roy Williams on the Cowboys. Even though I really can't stand the Cowboys, for once, I have to be on Tony Romo's side. Williams is complaining that Romo can't throw the football correctly to him. But it seems to me that someone else on his team, Miles Austin, is doing just fine with Romo throwing him the ball.

Williams still thinks that he is the number one receiver, which on a depth chart, he might be. But since Williams has been in Dallas, he has played 16 games, only catching 33 balls for 447 yards and three touchdowns. This season, Miles Austin has 26 receptions, 563 yards, and six touchdowns. Now who would you consider the number one wide receiver? I just wish people like Williams, and Owens for that matter, would just keep their mouths shut and not express their insecurities to everyone when maybe, just maybe, someone else is a little bit better than you. Or at least realize that you are playing a team game, and be happy for your team, especially when they are winning.

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